Board of Management

board of management

The overwhelming hard work, commitment and dedication of the Board of Management of Kiltallagh National School ensures that they provide the crucial support required to enable our school to run effectively. The diverse range of expertise, knowledge and experience of our Board members with regard to education, contribute tremendously to the excellent work and functioning of our Board.
Chairperson :   Rev. Isabel Keegan

Patron’s Representative: Rev. Isabel & John Flynn.

Principal:   Paula Ní Bhriain.

Community Representative:   Jenny O’ Reilly and  Michael Moriarty.

Parents Representative:   Trish Wharton and Eric Wharton.

Teachers Representative:   Caroline Cronin
The Patron of our school is RT. Rev. Kenneth Kearon-Bishop of Ardfert, Limerick and Killaloe.
The Board of Management is always very thorough and hardworking in relation to their responsibilities. We all share the one common vision of wishing our school to prosper, progress and excel and it is this that consistently motivates us to do our very best for our school and our children.

Kiltallagh National School


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