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When Guinea Pigs come to school!

Recently, we had 6 very special visitors to our school-2 guinea pigs called Brownie and Hairy and their 3 week old babies called Chester, Rodney, Muffin, and Floppy.

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Elmo is our pet dog. He is a puppy Cockapoo-which is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a miniature Poodle. We saw him for sale on Done Deal and we travelled to Cork to get him.

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When KIDS come to visit!

Recently, we had 2 very special visitors to our school-2 kid goats called Molly and Floppy. They are Buddy’s daughters who are proudly owned by us. Molly and Floppy are 3 weeks old. Floppy still feeds from her mom but Molly is bottle fed. Molly’s mom-Giddy has […]

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