Our Budding Poets!

The children of Kiltallagh School have been very busy of late writing their own poetry.POETRY

Here is a little sample of their poems.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

Peace -by David Scally-6th class
Peace is a word binds us together,
Holding us strong for ever and ever
Peace is a dove-a sign of love.
Peace is above all else in the world
Yet there is still so much to be unfurled.
Peace without it-we would be nothing.

Snow-By Richard Boyle-5th class
Snow snow everywhere
School is closed but we don’t care!
I opened the curtains and looked around
To see a white blanket of snow on the ground…
I ran outside with such delight
To see this wonderful Winters sight
I ran and jumped, the day was great
No breakfast, lunch or dinner ate.
But it all came to an end so fast
The fun and games didn’t last!
I slipped on ice and broke my knee
And before I knew it
I was in A and E !

My Animal is… by Ella Jolie Stroppel-2nd class
My animal is a kitten
Her name is Mitten
She likes to play
Throughout the day
I would be sad if she was cold
I would be sad if she was sold
She is very fluffy
She is so lovely
My kitten Mitten is so cuddly!

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