When Guinea Pigs come to school!

Recently, we had 6 very special visitors to our school-2 guinea pigs called Brownie and Hairy and their 3 week old babies called Chester, Rodney, Muffin, and Floppy.

I got Brownie and Hairy as a surprise at Christmas when they were 3 weeks old. We thought they were both girls but when mom realised that Brownie was getting fat, we discovered that she was having babies! A guinea pig has to carry her babies for 72 days.

guinea pigs 2

guinea pigs

The babies were born with lots of hair and their eyes open. Guinea pigs are mammals and so Chester, Rodney, Muffin and Floppy are fed by Brownie. It was very hard in the beginning to resist picking up the babies. If a mother Guinea pig smells a human scent from them, she may reject them and kill them.


The guinea pigs are now 4 months old and like to graze on grass all day-just like cows! I love my guinea pigs.

By Syanne O’ Dowd.


Kiltallagh National School


Co. Kerry

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