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Initiatives - Extra Curricular

Kiltallagh National School


Aistear is based on 12 principles of early learning and development. These are presented in three groups:

1. The first group concerns children and their lives in early childhood: ■ the child’s uniqueness ■ equality and diversity ■ children as citizens.

2. The second group concerns children’s connections with others: ■ relationships ■ parents, family and community ■ the adult’s role.

3. The third group concerns how children learn and develop: ■ holistic learning and development ■ active learning ■ play and hands-on experiences ■ relevant and meaningful experiences ■ communication and language ■ the learning environment.

Each principle is presented using a short statement. This is followed by an explanation of the principle from the child’s perspective. 


Green Schools

Our aim here in Kiltallagh School is to develop the pupils and staff awareness of their environment. The majority of young people care very much about their environment and endeavour to make positive changes to protect it. Our Green School Programme is a central part of Kiltallagh School life.

In June 2009, we raised our first green flag for Recycling in Kiltallagh School.

We visited KWD Recycling Centre in Killarney as part of our project. We introduced recycling, rubbish and compost bins in all the classrooms with various pupils assigned to empty the bins into the larger bins outside each evening. We also put in place a recycling bin for batteries and collected old mobile phones. We had regular clothing recycling days where all families brought in any old clothes, shoes, linen, curtains etc. These were collected by a recycling company. In the first two years we reduced our waste going to landfill by 40 %.

We are very proud of this achievement and have worked very hard to maintain our flag down through the intervening years and to improve on our recycling.

In 2010, we were delighted to win the Super Valu National Tidy Towns Award.

We then challenged ourselves and began working on our 2nd Flag for Energy. Our main focus was educating ourselves and the wider community about energy saving. We looked at various ways in which we could be more energy efficient in school and at home, such as keeping outside doors closed to keep the heat in, not leaving electrical appliances on standby, turning off lights when not needed. We established Energy Wardens who were responsible for turning off lights, computers etc. in the evenings as well as ensuring that all blinds were closed to conserve energy. We invited a plumber, an electrician, a Bio Energy Consultant and Michael O Coiléan from An Taisce in to talk to us about energy, how it is used and how we can conserve it. We visited the Wind Farm in Tursillagh where we learned so much about this renewable energy source. We established a competition for the pupils to compile an Energy Code.

This was one of our winning entries in our Energy Code Competition.
E-nergy Saving
N-ot Wasting
R-eusable Energy- Wind
G-oing to Save Energy
Y-ah We’re Saving Energy

We received our second green flag for Energy in 2011.

Our third Flag was for water in 2013.

We first established our water usage in the school and then compiled a list of strategies to try and reduce this. We installed compression taps in all our sinks which ensured that taps were not left running and we also reduced the pressure of the water. Staff became much more conservative when putting on the kettle! A water butt was placed outside the school which was used to water plants etc. We learned about water saving in class and highlighted people’s use of water in the home encouraging them to reuse water for gardening and to take showers instead of baths. We visited the Water Treatment Plant in Killorglin as part of our research for our Green Flag.

In May 2015 we were awarded our 4th Green Flag for Sustainable Travel.

Under the guidance of Michael O Coiléan and Fiona Barry from An Taisce, all our pupils are encouraged to walk or cycle to school. We have established a WOF Day (Walk On Friday) each child is provided with a High Viz Vest to make them more visible to all road users thus hopefully keeping everybody safe.

In September 2015 we commenced working on our 5th green flag for “Biodiversity”. We were delighted to be awarded this in the summer of 2017.


SB Science Blast:

Science Blast is the current flagship project in the RDS Science and Technology programme. It is a STEM education programme, designed and delivered by the RDS, to inspire primary school children and is one of the largest science education programmes for primary schools of its kind anywhere. Evidence shows that at this age children are more open to the possibilities of STEM than students in later academic years, with positive experiences potentially having a lasting effect. ESB Science Blast asks an entire primary school class to investigate a question they are curious about and to present their findings in their school. The children will attend fun-filled science-themed shows and interact with stands organised by our various funders in Limerick in May.
We are very much looking forward to attending this in Term 3 but the seeds of curiosity are already planted in the minds of our pupils in Kiltallagh! We are open to questions from parents too…If we have a new moon every month….where does the old one go?!!


STEAM stands for Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts and Maths.

The vision of STEAM Education is to inspire children to love STEAM subjects and to become the future generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians.

We are looking forward to engaging further in STEAM in the coming months.

Cooking and Baking

We have had a wonderful cooking experience in the senior room this past term, with all the pupils getting an opportunity to cook/bake their favourite dish-making excellent use of our updated catering facilities. 

We have had a full Irish breakfast, American Style Hot Dogs, Leafy Summer Salads, various selections of Pizza with goats’ cheese and caramelised red onion, a tasty pasta dish, Arroz Caldo Con Pollo-a dish native to The Phillipines and scrumptious French toast with assorted berries and maple syrup as our final dish a few weeks ago.  I bet your mouths are watering at the mention of these tempting and succulent dishes!

We are delighted also to let you know that our very own restaurant-Café Kiltallagh returned last week! Covering many strands of the curriculum, this project involved decorating the classroom to create an ambient dining experience where the pupils chose their own 3 course menu of garlic bread/naan bread, with a choice of chicken curry or pasta for mains and a selection of ice-cream for dessert. The food was prepared and cooked with the children and then served in the ‘dining room’. All pupils dressed up for what was a 5-star dining experience!

Specialist PE Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Amy Foley as our qualified specialist PE Instructor for 2022/2023

Amy has a Bachelor of Science (Honours Degree) in Physical Education with SPHE.

Apart from delivering the specific curriculum as specified by the Dept. of Education and Skills, Amy’s main aim is to increase the activity levels of primary school children in a safe, fun & friendly environment.

Amy will cover all the strands of the PE Curriculum (except aquatics) in 6 week blocks. Aquatics will be covered in Term 3 when the children will participate in swimming lessons in The Killarney Health and Leisure Centre.

Amy also coordinates our annual sports day which takes place in June of each year at Inch Beach (weather dependent).

Please ensure that P.E. tracksuits are worn on PE days. Gum guards are necessary for Gaelic Football.

Artist in Residence

Our Artist in Residence, Aoife O Sullivan, will resume Art Classes in the coming weeks Following a wonderful year of Art last year in the Junior and Senior room with Aoife, we are looking forward to creating a mural on the wall in our playground in this new school year. The final draft is almost ready and following collaboration with Aoife, we hope it gets an overwhelming thumbs up! Let the fun begin!

Specialist PE Teacher


Co. Kerry

School Roll: 17161S

Killtallagh NS

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